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Android 'Issue Delivery Failed' rather high


our Magplus app uses Flurry for analytics, and on the flurry reports we have a rather high 'Issue Delivery Failed' value for the Android app. 

we are just wondering why that would be. would you know of any reasons?




Vauneen Pietersen

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Hello Vauneen,

It's hard for us to say exactly since that information is only sent directly between your app and Flurry, but I can get back to you with more information as to what causes Issue Delivery Failures and see if that helps identify any potential problems. I will need to speak with our development team about this but my assumption is that these are simply failed checks by the app looking for new issues when there are no new issue at the time of launching the app. Only when there is an issue available will the call be successful.

I will be in touch.

Mike Rettew 0 votes
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