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Changing MIB version after creating MIB

I have an issue with the MIB versions I’ve created. I recently have been creating 5.5 MIB versions for certain issues in Magplus. I still have the MIB files but is there a quick way to save the MIB to a lower version such as 5.1 without having to go into every Indesign file, changing the version, and exporting to my production tool? 


Basically is there a way to just change my 5.5 MIB to 5.1 very quickly?



Brian Moy

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Hello Brian,

There is no supported way to change the version of a MIB file (once created from the Production Tool), as you'll have to export each vertical (InDesign file) separately and create the MIB afterwards to do it correctly.

Griffin Plonchak 0 votes
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