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Subscription API - Limited Amount of Devices Using API Login

 To Whom It May Concern,

Is there a way with the Mag+ Designd with Subscription API Support - Limited the Amount of Devices using the API Login.

Example, we have a Magazine we want our users to be able to access, but we don't want them to share their access code with other users, abusing the digital service. Is there a way to limited this in the API with Mag+ or API Magazine Service. Similar to how a lot of people share their Netflix or HBO account, we want to limit this to one or two devices connecting with the login information the user was provider. Can someone please provide some details on how to control this?

Anyone else running into this issue or thinking about this or had problems in the past with this question?



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When it comes to configuring any sort of login or access restriction that would have to happen on the backend build of your API. You could likely utilize the user login to limit access per device or perhaps give the end user the requirement to register their individual, accepted devices. But this is not something we are able to advise or configure since it would occur on systems outside of Mag+

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