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Slideshow indicator colour won't change

I am using Mag+ 6.3 and the reviewer launcher to view on desktop.

While I am making slideshows successfully, I cannot get the slide indicator color to change. I have tried various combinations of colors and transparency settings as shown in the Designd object settings window and also tried the using the same color in various transparency settings.

'Function not implemented' shows, despite the slideshow itself working.

Any advice?

Gaye Nielsen

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Oh great Gaye! I'm glad that resolved it for you.

To receive notifications of our tool updates you can subscribe to our Release Notes section of our support site by going to the link below and then clicking the "follow" button in the upper right.

We put out updates to our tools typically each month and when the Release Notes are posted you will receive an email to the email address you are signed in with for your Mag+ account.

Mike Rettew
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Hello Gaye,

I just tested this to double-check if it is working properly and it is for me. Make sure that you are using RGB color swatches for starters and that you are reviewing with at least the 6.2 Plugin and your MIB version is set to at least 6.2 or higher.

If you continue to have trouble with this please feel free to send me your InDesign file and I'll take a look.

Mike Rettew 0 votes
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Thanks for your quick reply. 

I upgraded my version of the Reviewer and this resolved the issue, thank you so much.

On that note, while I receive notifications from Mag+ on the availability of upgrades to the Designd package, and also on the Reviewer on my ipad and iphone, and have kept up to date with upgrading these, I don't recall receiving notifications on upgrades to the desktop Reviewer. If this is the case, it would be great if notifications for this could also be activated.

Many Thanks

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