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verticles tab greyed out on object plugin

Hi, I'm attempting to create jump links for my TOC.  When I click on an object, go to Objects plugin, I click "Link". The I choose "jump link", but the area where you choose which verticle to go to in greyed out, so it wont open for me to choose a verticle to jump to. Even my regular web links on that page don't work anymore.


Any advice is appreciated. I am using the latest version of Mag+, OSX and Indesign.


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Hello JP,

If you have not already done so, please have a read through our article on creating jump links below. Specifically the section on the format of how to jump to a specific vertical.

If the pre-defined jump link drop down menus for targeting a specific vertical are greyed out make sure that you have set the issue folder and exported the content at least once, load the vertical into the Production Tool and hit "Save". Then when you bring up InDesign and click your clickable area they should populate.

If they're still not displaying, simply click the on/off button on the Plugin and that should refresh it.

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