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Full Width Portrait Video

Hi, I am a new Mag+ User. I have to loop a 1920x1080 video on a portrait Retina iPad template, but I can't resize the video. I tried to resize it in PS and in Pr, all works fine except for the quality. What I can do to control size directly in ID? Why the retina template does not have the "standard" dimension of ID Retina template? I switched to Mag+ by a standard iPad template.


Luca Giamattei

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Hello Luca,

The best way to size and optimize your video file to the dimensions and compatibility would be to run it through an application like Handbrake which has built-in profiles for device size/specs for specific devices and simply place it into a video frame and have it fit to frame in InDesign. Please refer to the articles below for more information.

Adding Video and Audio to Your Layout

Tips - Video Best Practices

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