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Designd Reader Issues on iPad Pro

Just a heads up to the MagPlus Dev Team. There appears to be some bugginess with the reader when using an iPad Pro. My Digital Pub II course I teach was testing course project work Tuesday and noticed several items.

1. On occasion the reader displays odd shapes where the reader 'issue vertical icons' appear when panning through an issue (at top), and exhibits a weird set of corrupted elements with the icon symbols. This happened with one project specifically when doing a Fast Review of a vertical and even when sending from the Production Tool. Others did not have the problem.

2. About half the time when reviewing a build a 1-2 px white line separator appears between individual verticals when panning across an issue. We checked for non-aligned images that were seamed to template edges but all was in perfect order - but after testing it's apparent when seaming two images across the templates, even in Long Form, too, it's an issue that only appears on the iPad Pro. We tested with Air 2 and Mini 4 without the problem manifesting itself.

Of course, students have been using the Retina template, but this should not matter as resolution on an iPad Pro is proportional to the Air 2 and the fact that it's not consistent. We could try using the iPad Pro template and duplicate the verticals, but these issues should be looked at.

Any advice would be kindly taken :)

Michael Harper - UVU


Michael Harper

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