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Link to Slide in Slideshow

Ok, I know this may be a repeat post to some feature requests ( but I have a different take. After a creating a multi-state object slideshow we can add links/hotspots to do cool stuff to individual slides (popups, jump links, etc.( Using this method the clickable area requires a reference object ID that is automatically generated. Is it safe to assume that the generated reference object ID is the object ID of the individual slide? If so how can I use the generated slide ID to to make another object link to that specific slide? (I am hoping to use the slideshow as a popup and I want links on my regular layer to open specific slides)

Steven Minert

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I also have a question that relates to Stevens. We have a student that wants to target an object (ID) from within HTML generated by the MagPlus Feature Builder. Is there some markup/code that can be inserted to reference objects?

Michael Harper 0 votes

Hello Steven,

At this time it is not possible to link to a specific state within the Slideshow block.  An alternative you might consider would be to create a slideshow object but also have thumbnail grid below it so that if the user wanted to jump to a specific image in the slideshow block you could have these thumbnails actually overlay a popup of said image over the slideshow block.

@Michael Harper, you can in fact use the Vertical IDs and Object IDs in your HTML markup.  For example, if you are using the schema for a jump link like this:


You could use this schema with the href attribute in your markup.

Mike Rettew 0 votes