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A digital magazine composed entirely of short animations



I'm a visual communications student working on my final project - a digital adaptation for a play, which includes 56 short animations.

I want to create an endless scroll down while in landscape mode. I can't seem to place several videos in one vertical (I understand that placing them on a layer that isn't the media layer is impossible?) and I'm having trouble placing each video in a separate page.

The best I managed is placing each animation (an mp4 file) in a separate vertical, but then I can't seem to change the scroll direction from a side scroll to a up/down scroll.

Please, help me understand what I'm doing wrong! 


Thanks in advance,


Ariel Paz

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Hello Ariel!

Creating that much content on a single vertical, whether it is on the A or B layer will be quite a toll on device memory since our system loads each, entire vertical into memory at a time. And especially adding video on each page/slide could be a problem, so it's probably best to build this scrolling left and right.

You could, however, try hosting your video files externally and opening them by launching them as inline video frame from a Clickable Area link rather than a Media Area this may help with device memory usage and placing all of your content on 1 vertical scrolling interface but it would need to be tested.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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