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Sharing Issues

My app was built using the old Magplus Production Tool and all my verticals are v5.10.  I was having problems with one of the verticals: The email sharing feature would not insert the screen shot in the email.

So I upgraded my Magplus app to the Designd Production Tools thinking this might help. I'm noticing now when using sharing via email throughout the whole app the screen shots no longer include web views. And now the original vertical that I was having problems with - the sharing button crashes the preview app.  

I tried upgrading the problem vertical to v6.10 and tested the whole app through the Designd Production Tools but did not help.

Any ideas?

John DiSalvo

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Hi John,

I wanted to let you know that I managed to recreate this issue as well, we will have a fix for it in our iOS update next week.

Mike Rettew

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Hello John,

Are you seeing this occur from the Reviewer app or an app build of your own?

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