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Close Popup on Overlay Within Regular Vertical

I have a popup on my Overlay (using pinned B and pinned B Popup layers) that I use to navigate articles using jump links. The only problem with this is that when I jump-link to a vertical the popup stays open and you have to close it manually by tapping on it. Ideally I would like the popup on the overlay to close when the "jumped to" vertical is in view. 

My first thought was to create a trigger. So I made an object (hotspot) in each vertical on my clickable areas, referenced to an object on my B layer and set it with Hotspot Type: "Popup", Trigger "in view", URL: "popup://overlayname/popupname/close". This didn't close the popup on overlay when I jumped to the vertical from the popup on overlay, however when I swipe to the vertical it will open the popup on overlay. This tells me I can control the popup on overlay with a trigger in my regular verticals. I just dont know how to close it. Does any one have any suggestions to close it using this method? or maybe suggestions on other solutions to this problem?

Steven Minert

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Update: I don't know if this will help anyone in the future but I figured I might as well post a work-around I found. If I make my popup on overlay a "popup group" with another small no-fill popup in an obsolete corner. Making it so I have 2 popups on overlay. Instead of trying to /close my popup on overlay I can just open the other no-fill popup instead. Thus forcing closed the original cumbersome popup on overlay and trading it for a much less intrusive one.

I do this by adding a hotspot jump link on each overlay set to "in view" with the syntax "jump://overlayname/nofillpopup".

Steven Minert

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Another Update: Rather than dealing with the mess of adding an object to each vertical that will close the popup on overlay I found another solution. My popup (popup 1) on overlay is visible instead of creating a jump link (triggered on tap) to the vertical I want to go to. I open a popup (Popup 2: small with no fill or stroke so it isn't visible but it has a name). I now have Popup2 open within Popup 1. Associated with Popup 2 I have two hotspots, one that triggers "in view" to jump link to my vertical. The second also triggers "in view" and will close Popup 1 (popup://popup1/close). Associated with Popup 1 is a hotspot that triggers "out of view" to close Popup 2 (popup://popup2/close).

Using this method will jump to the desired vertical and close both popups on the overlay without having to add a hotspot to each vertical. 

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