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Video in background twitching

I have a video on the B layer int he background which autoplays when the vertical is viewed. I have some slideshows overlayed on this which also autoplay ( repeating 2 state slideshows to show what to press ). These however cause the video to twitch, as in it moves a few pixels then back again on repeat. This may be an issue when using a video clip which isn't the full size of the screen, though i haven't tested this yet.

Will Patterson

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Hello Will,

It could be that this is a limitation when using these features layered on top of each other but there may be a solution if you optimize your video file to the exact format/size of the target device. There is a great, open source video conversion tool called Handbrake that provided predefined device profiles, try converting your video file using your target device profile and see if that improves the playback.

Mike Rettew 0 votes
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