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Can't load test app on iPhone 7s or iPhone SE

  I have an app that I was testing on an iPhone 7 and it was working fine. My company started testing on an iPhone 6s and iPhones SE and every time I try to install the app on those models I get "App was unable to install. Try again?" message. I tried doing a new build and that didn't work. I've tried using the link and downloading the file and installing it through iTunes; but still no luck. Has anyone else  issues? If so, do you have suggestions on how to fix it?

Thank you.

koora koiuh

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Hi Koora,

This issue has been resolved in a previous Q&A Thread, please see below:

It has been resolved by adding these new devices' UDIDs to the Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile (, uploading the new Ad Hoc Profile to the Mag+ Publish Portal and generating a new build for testing.

Please let us know if this works for you, cheers.

Collin Harlow
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