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Can I add a user controlled appointment scheduling feature with external software?

I'm using mag plus and am trying to add a feature that allows the user to schedule an appointment through the app. Our business uses Orchid Medical Spa Software and SolutionReach. Is it possible to somehow integrate the software with mag plus/indesign? That would be sooooo cool.

Thanks for any replies.

Devin Dyer

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Hey there Devin!

Something like this third party functionality would have to be implemented using a web based built HTML/Javascript application and then fed into a web frame within your InDesign vertical. This is not something Mag+ can implement for you but there are many resources out there to build such a thing and as long as you've tested it and it works in a mobile device browser (like Safari) it should work in the Mag+ build environment.

To implement a web frame within your layout you can have a look at the support article below:

Adding HTML Objects to Your Layout:

Mike Rettew

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Thank you for the response. What about logins or adding social media such as Facebook, is it the same concept? This may be a stupid question but do I need permission from the site to use the html if I wanted to embed social media?

Devin Dyer 0 votes

Correct, this would be handled similarly by feeding it into an HTML frame and depending on what you want it to do, ie login page, etc. this would be controlled in the HTML/Javascript you build and host on your own.

If you want to feed a Facebook page you can, user would just need to login from the HTML frame, no need for permissions as long as when you submit your app to Apple you state that your app has 'Unrestricted Web Access'.

Google, I believe, is even less restricting.

Mike Rettew 0 votes