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Stop automatic pulling effect of page.

I would like to make a page with a full-screen html object that has some swipe / drag events in it, but the automatic pulling of the page gets in the way. Is it possible to dissable the pulling?

Fleur van Maarschalkerwaart

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Hello Fleur,

You can disable the swipe function within the Production Tool by changing this "Navigation" drop down menu. This will, however, disable swiping throughout the entire MIB so you'd need to design your navigation with tapping instead (note: by default you can tap on the left and right sides of the screen to jump left and right).

Alternatively, if you have your HTML content on the A-Layer you should not be able to swipe between verticals with the HTML frame. If your HTML is on the B-Layer but the A-Layer is still active, the A-Layer will take over the swiping gesture. If you want your HTML on the B-Layer you can disable the A-Layer for that particular vertical but checking the "No A-Layer" option in the Designd Vertical panel.

Mike Rettew
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