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Issue Download Analytic

I am having problems reconciling issue downloads for issues broken down into specific months. I need more in-depth than just a total of all time as provided in Publish. I have tried Appboy but it's saying I have thousands more downloads than Mag+ Publish.

Has anyone found a good way to reconcile issue downloads?


Mark Kyle

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Hey there Mark,

The issue downloads are Publish are all Mag+ has as this time to identify total, non-unique quantity of downloads for individual issues. And unfortunately we've also found that Appboy is counting these downloads incorrectly but it is not something they have been able to communicate to us to resolve. Apple, however can provide you with a relatively in-depth break down of in-app purchases in the "Sales and Trends" section of iTunes Connect if that is what you offer and are trying to track, they just do not track free content.

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