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Inline Video not playing

Hello Mag+ support Team!


I have encountered a problem that has been bugging me lately. I'm trying to have a video as an intro on my issue. The video is 1536 x 2048 pixels (Ipad retina), and is supposed to cover the whole screen without letting the reader to press play. It is supposed to autoplay and loop at the same time.

However, the video wont play. All I can see is a black screen when I preview my page. (I have it as Inline, In view, Auto Start and Loop.)

I tried using another video file with different dimensions, and it works fine. So it makes me wonder if it has something to do with the video I am trying to use? (100% sure that it has nothing to do with its format though).

Please help!

Oliver Holmgren

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Hello Oliver,

What type of device are you testing/viewing your content on?

Also, sometimes even if the format is an acceptable format for that particular device and OS version, there can be other factors like its encoding or framerate that will cause it not to display properly.

Please refer to our support article Tips - Video Best Practices and try using the Handbrake application mentioned there.  This applications provides you with predefined profiles for specific devices that should get your video file in the right format.


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