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Downscaling an image in Photoshop failed

Hola, me resulta muy interesante poder disponer de este foro y prefiero hacerlo en español, espero puedan responder. Sería fantástico disponer de información también en este idioma para facilitar a los diseñadores de habla hispana.

Trabajo en Windows con una Samsung Tab E y me permite hacer "Fast review" a determinadas páginas en forma independiente pero al momento de querer exportar y poder verlas en conjunto me aparece un cartel que dice "Downscaling an image in Photoshop failed".

A qué se debe este problema, no puedo avanzar. Me resulta fantástico el programa pero estas cosas me detienen a cada instante y quisiera ver si pueden ayudarme a solucionarlo.

Desde ya muchas gracias y saludos,


Noeli Seveso

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Hello Noelí,

While we do not have any Spanish speaking employees on staff we typically have no problem communicating by having text translated.  It would be a lot to manage if we had to create variations of content for every popular language since we do support an international market but I'd be happy to assist you as best I can here.

The "Downscaling an image in Photoshop failed" message will typically occur if you do not have the correct version of Photoshop selected in the Designd Settings panel.  Please double-check the version that you have selected is installed on your computer.  

You can also try exporting/reviewing without this setting checked to ensure it is not content related. If it could be content related it's possible you have some invalid file types linked in your documents that Photoshop could not open, or if you have any .PSD, .PDF, .EPS or .AI files that might be causing Photoshop to attempt opening a call to action popup window and interrupting the export script.

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