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Fast review not pushing to IOS simulator on desktop

New user to Mag+ and just learning. I can push the 'fast review' to preview on my iPad successfully, however, I can no longer preview on the IOS simulator on my desktop. It will not update the issue file, even though the 'Review' folder shows the updated design parts. What am I missing? What info should be showing in Verticals and Settings?

Gaye Nielsen

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Thanks for the reply Mike. The problem is fixed now :-) I worked out that I needed to manually re-enter the push service address of the IOS simulator into the DesignD Settings. Previously this info had shown up automatically, but on swapping between devices, I now know to double check this info.

Gaye Nielsen

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Hello Gaye,

What version Operating System, Simulator and Reviewer app are you using?

Mike Rettew 0 votes