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Android apps - reading offline after downloading issue


I see there is a problem with my publishing house mag+ apps for android. They are v6.1 now - quite up to date. The problem is that app only allows to stay in the issue opened last time. When offline - nothing is shown in Issues menu, although there shoud be some issues downloaded in library. I understand "All" issues needs internet connection, but "My" or "Downloaded" - shoudn't be empty.

Also one of our apps was crashing after launching offline - maybe it was shut down not in reading issue, but in other place in app and it even could not get into any issue after reloading app without internet connection.

I know, smartphones used to be online most time, but for tablets it is not a must. Is there something I can do now with it, or it waits to be changed in further builds?


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Your issues should still be available if they've been downloaded locally to the device, they will appear under the "On Device" tab.  Also, if you're having crashing problems with the Wifi off this could be related to a recent bug we discovered in our last release.  

Which brand/app is this in reference to?

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