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Can't get anything to my ipad.


I'm trying to create an interactive document for my ipad.
But in some way it won't work. I've searched the whole day for solutions, but i can't manage to find the problem or an other way out of this.

So my final option is to ask it here, in the hope someone can help me.

What i've tried so far:

  • I've downloaded Mag+ Designd, so now i've an plug-in for indesign & a program called "designd production tool".
  • I've downloaded the designd app for the ipad.
  • i've opened a template, and started to arange my graphic's on the right layers. -Then i've putted in the ipad IP adress into the indesign settings.

So i was ready to push the file to the ipad. But i didn't work, some problem messages came up.

I checked the connection they are on the same network. I've tried with a windows computer & mac. I've also tried to make a network with my mac and connect the ipad to that but it all doens't want to work.

I can't browse the ip adres of my ipad in the webbrowser so i know there is a problem.

Next step i tried to mail a new project from the designd production tool. And it wanted to open on my ipad, so i was really glad. But i can't show more then blank white pages. I can't manage to put files/verticals into the designd production tool.

Anyway thx for reading & hopefully anyone can help me.
Thx in advance,

Joren Declerck

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Hello Joren,

First make sure your computer and device are connected to the same Wifi network. Also, if you have not done so already try following some of the steps in the support articles below and see if this helps you through the problem:

Setting Up and Using the Mag Reviewer:

Troubleshooting Can't review to iPad:

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