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Where is Tool control panel (plugin) in InDesign?.

New to Mag+. Running InDesign 2014CC and 2015CC.

Having an issue with finding where the plugin is after installation. Can't find the Tool Control Panel to set up docs. Don't see Mag+ plugin in About Plugins menu. Where is the control panel?

Lorenzo Wilkins

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Ok great, glad you were able to work it out Lorenzo.

Thanks Mike,

I was able to get started. For whatever reason, the tools plugin was not loading into my InD 2014CC or 2015CC apps. Tried over and over, rebooting CPU, Preference clearing, nothing seemed to work. Fortunately, InD on my laptop accepted the tools without a problem. I copied the plugins from the InD app on my laptop and put them into my InD plugins folder on my desktop Mac. It worked. Transferring an Adobe DPS pub to Mag+. On deadline. Gotta run.

Thanks again,

Mike Rettew
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Hello Lorenzo,

You can access the Mag+ Designd Plugin panels from the "Mag+" menu at the top where the InDesign drop down menus are. From there you can open template files to start designing.

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