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slider/pan is crashing indesign

I created this sidebar that appears after you press a button. The sidebar is a slider so people can swipe down for more text. This particular text box is way bigger length-wise (6544 mm) than the document itself (4500 mm). When I try to do a fast preview or export inDesign crashes. I believe the problem is the length of that slider box. unfortunately I can not decrease the length, I wonder if there's a way around it. Thanks in advance

Harold Velarde

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Hello Harold,

It sounds like the size of the panning object you are trying to create is too large. We typically only recommend not going much larger than the target device's actual pixel dimensions (ie. iPad Retina 2048x1536 pixels). If you have an InDesign file you'd like to provide me so I can take a look I'd be happy to do so. Also, what type of device are you reviewing your content on?

Mike Rettew 0 votes
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