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Vertical Exporting with Random Blurry Text

I'm having randomly blurry text in only one vertical. I've never had this happen before. Anti-aliasing is turned on, I've tried all combinations of export settings, and I've tried turning off layers and ungrouping items. Some text boxes appear fine, and others are blurry. I wanted to blame it on a reviewer bug, but I can see it in the vertical preview files. The background is white, and there are no text effects. (I saw a post about this from October, but that person was using panning text -- these are just regular text boxes).

Erica Lampley

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Hello Erica,

Do you have an InDesign file you can provide me that illustrates this and what type of device are you using for reviewing your content?

You can send me your file using a Dropbox, Box, WeTransfer link, etc.

Mike Rettew 0 votes
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