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Change of installation directory results in malfunction

Dear Sirs,

We have some rules in our educational environment with a hugh number of applications to e.g. keep a normalized directory structure on the workstations. Also other rules apply but as far as I've seen now only the directory stucture seems to be an issue. The installation process allows to change the installation directories but changing them (for both "Mag+ Designd for Adobe InDesign CS5" and "Designd Production Tool") results in malfunction. The "Mag+ Design Production Tool" can't be started from InDesign CS5 and clicking "New Mag+ Design Vertical...", filling the required fields in the popup window and choosing OK doesn't show anything at all in InDesign CS5.

It works flawless when the product is installed in it's default installation directory. It look likes the default locations are hardcoded and changing them results in non functioning software.

This (undocumented?) installation restriction is a showstopper for us. Can this issue be solved so we are free to choose the, in our opinion, correct installation directories?

Thanks in advance,

Software Beheer

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Hello Martin,

If you open your Production Tool and goto the Preferences panel, you can choose your InDesign Application directory. This should allow you to create new verticals. Have you tried this and are still unsuccessful? Are you receiving any specific error message?

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