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Mag+ Designd Production Tool will not open after last update

I just recently updated Mag+ to the 6.1 version, and now the production tool will not open. If i restart my computer and click on it it gives me a message saying that Adobe Air is not up to date, but that is only after I restart, it is very inconsistent. I have the most recent version of Air available. I have uninstalled the mag+ plug in and Adobe air and re installed them and it still isn't working. I am not sure what the problem is here. If anyone has had this problem or if there is a possible solution, I would sure appreciate the input. Thank you!

Jessica Jameson

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Was having the same issue, uninstalling Adobe Air 20 and going back down to 19 fixed the problem. I hope Mag+ fixes the problem soon though.

You can download previous versions of Air here:

See this post for more details too:
See this post:

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