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Error in Reviewing

I have a very simple file, it has 4 elements 3 images and a text, the first image is backgrownd so is in the b layer the second image is a normal one that goes on A layer, not the 3 one is a white square with a low opacity and the text, the issu come when reviewing, this last 3 layers change order so it never looks as it should, some times text is at the back and in my file look fine i had re done it several times with out result

Edgardo Ocampo

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Hello Edgardo,
It is good practice to group common layer elements so that they do not overlap during the export/review process. But if you are having a different type of problem between layers I'd be happy to take a look at your InDesign file to give you some pointers on your layout. You can send your files using a WeTransfer link ( and provide me the download link here in this thread.

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