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How can we find out what build version is being used or has been previously used..?

Sorry if this is a stupid question... or has already been previously posted (I just cannot seem to find an answer to this) but how can we find out what version of the build we are generating. I know it automatically generates to the newest version but is there a way to find out what it is...? Is it to be found in the build files themselves...?
More specifically, I want to know what version of mag+ I used for one my previous builds and cannot seem to figure it out.

Thank you.

Jojo Mo

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Once you install the app you can find the version number in the device "Settings" and then select your app. Or if the string of the filename of your build you'll see something like this "56D262.tgz" at the end. This indicates version 5.6 based on the first two numbers.

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