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Can I assign a close button to close two pop ups at once?

I currently have a pop up in the form of a coloured box. This coloured box has a circle underneath which acts a trigger for second pop up ( a pop up on top of a pop up). I have created a close button relating to the first original pop up but I want it to close both pop ups at the same time as when I press it to close the original pop up, the second one stays open. ( I do not want to use the pop up group function to do this as I need the second pop up to be able to appear with the first one if triggered...) I have used the url: popup://image/close. Is there any way this can tell both of the pop ups to close?



Hannah Craig

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Hello Hannah,
I'm afraid this isn't entirely possible but can sometimes be achieved using the "in view" trigger depending on how your content is configured. Do you have an example file you can send me and I'll have a look to see what I can do.

Mike Rettew 0 votes
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