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Error #2038

This issue plagued me all last week, then randomly everything began working again. Today I went to push a tool for review and AGAIN Error #2038. What the heck is going on? The old threads regarding this error message are like 2 or 3 years old and unhelpful.

Jaime Grabowski

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Hello Jaime,
This a memory error typically caused by a specific vertical or verticals containing heavy media or html content and it has a hard time transferring this content over a Wifi network.

There are a couple ways to try and resolve it. Free up memory on your computer by closing other applications or closing all applications and restarting your computer. Also, your content may need to be optimized. A way to determine the problematic vertical(s) is to remove them from the Production Tool several at a time and run a Review. Once you've narrowed down which vertical(s) are problematic try and reduce the amount of content being included on the vertical(s) or eliminate particular objects that could be causing the error.

Mike Rettew 0 votes
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