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No dual layout in CS4?

I recently went freelance for a company where I created magazine apps in-house as an employee. They worked on CS6. My personal software is CS4. I downloaded the tools and was eager to start on my first freelance project with them....only to find that CS4 does not support dual layout? Why is that? How could all the mag+ updates and new releases leave out CS4 but still continue to offer tools for it? It would be better to eliminate it; at least I would have known that I needed to adjust my proposals for the extra cost of the cloud software (which I don't need for other clients).

Erica Lampley

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Hello Erica,
Dual Layout is not supported in CS4 due to the fact that multi-sized master page support was not introduced as a feature until CS5. This is a limitation of InDesign and I'm afraid Mag+ has no control over it.

Mike Rettew
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