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Issues with Mag+ Reviewer when using the Remote Review Server

Is anybody else having problems with the mag+ reviewer when using the remote review server to view a mib that's over a few MB?
So I've been pulling my hair out...and I don't understand what's going on but I've been using this system for over a year and a half now and this is the first time I am facing this issue.
I always upload my mibs to my FTP server for my clients to review.. and send them the URL link to plug in to the remote review server line.. they usually download it with the mag+ reviewer app, it shows that its downloading and they open it no problem, however this time around... it just keeps looping around in circles, staying at 0%, the only time it actually does something is if I let my ipad go into sleep mode and wake it after 1 minute or so... then a weird % preceded by many many numbers starts to count up... and then after some time, either it freezes, or nothing happens...?
I tried compiling the mib several times, uploaded it 3 times and I am always facing the same issue!
However, when I tested a small mib (less than 3mb), I do not have this issue.
Please advise.

Jojo Mo

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The Remove Review Server field was never intended to work with a direct FTP download link so I'm afraid that's not something we can support if it's no longer working. The best way to review your content remotely would be to email yourself the link and open it on your device using an email client. When you tap the direct download link you will be prompted to "Open In..." the Mag+ Reviewer.

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