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REQUEST - New Section - Order

Hi Guys,
i just want to request a feature for the verticals for easy sorting them in the right way.

i just want to have a new OPTIONAL-field in the indesign document, which will be named like Order or position or Number.

There you should be able to type in a number.
Then export the vertical.

Then you need a new column in the production-tool which is called "Order"
and if you click there it should be sorted by the numbers which where pasted in the indesign file.

Now you can say:
just paste the number in the vertical-ID...
Thats possible of course.
But on some magazines (which we are creating) its really annoying.
Changing ID, export again, be sure not to override existing verticals, re-order all verticals, because the order of the pages is changing so often...

This SHOULDN'T replace the ID, its just a new column for easily sorting all verticals.

What are you thinking about this feature?

Christoph Schmitt

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