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Share TRANSLATE in-design docs experience

Hi All--

Could someone share magazine translation experience to different languages. I very appreciate community/mag+ team help here.

We are going to publish our mag in english/french/russian languages.

The best tool which we found so far is

It allows to work with/update text from MS word document which can be edited by authors remotely.

  1. The main issue is that the styles can be changed by authors by mistake and, as results, the in-design mockups require more changes & updates.

  2. The second issue is related to two design layouts for Smartphone and Tables. Article is the same, but the styles and layout are quit different. It requires to have 2 files of translation with different styles embedded in ms word document.

  3. What is the best tool to work with translators in in-design?

  4. What is the best translation workflow from you point of view?

Many-many thanks in advance!

Sergey Gusev

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