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html plays without delay in all cases

I have short animated html. But when I check how it works I found html is already played after sliding from previous article.
For this way I've done html with delay at start because you haven't same settings in Mag+ Object tab for html. And in this way html works without delay again. Why? It's very pity you haven't settings for this like DPS. I think you should have these ones. Sometimes it's very important.
And what to do now? I have specific concept for beginning pages of articles and now I've got that I have no chances to do this.

Alexandr Svyazhin

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Hello Alexandr,
While we do not have this option built into our Plugin natively you can add code to your html to ensure the animation will not play until it is in view. We have some tips in the article below for how to do this depending on how your code is designed:

Mike Rettew
Mag+ Support Team

Mike Rettew
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