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Is a Tabbed Library with different magazines possible?

Currently we're using Pixel Mags for some of our magazines that are all contained within on app.

Pixel Mags itself as a platform is a bear to work with, but one of the saving graces is we were able to create a tabbed library that allowed us to break out our magazine properties into different sections.

We'd prefer to drop Pixel Mags and use Mag+ as we already use Mag+ for some of our other properties, but we weren't sure if this type of functionality was possible within the platform.

Ideality it would have functionality to be organized like this:

Tab 1 > Magazine 1 > Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3

Tab 2 > Tab A > Magazine 2 > Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3

Tab 2 > Tab B > Magazine 3 > Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3

Tab 3 > Magazine 4 > Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3

Would this require custom API work? If so, who would we talk to for pricing?


Ryan Kramer | Senior Designer / Web Developer
UBM Advanstar


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Hello Ryan,

Natively this would not be possible and it would require access to our SDK with some custom development:

While this is not a feature that is currently planned at this time we always welcome and encourage you to share your ideas with us so we can ensure our product fits your needs. I'd encourage you to add this request to our "Community Ideas" forum, where other users can also add their votes and comments. You can do that here:

Everything posted in this forum is monitored and sent to our development team where each request is assessed for potentially being developed in a future release.

I would also encourage you to please stay tuned to our releases and announcements forums. We recommend "following" them so that you are notified when any announcements and updates are released including new features and fixes added to the release notes. (Note: the "follow" button is found in the upper right of the forum title):

Release Notes:


Mike Rettew
Mag+ Support Team

Mike Rettew
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