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Shared js/css resources for html widgets



There should be an option to make js/css resources for html widgets available for reference globally within an issue and globally across all issues, so the heavy downloading only has to be done once when the app is downloaded or updated from the stores.

Currently references are imported per widget, which creates duplicates of css/js files.

If global libraries are enabled, there should also be a feature to make a dependency for an issue to the version of the app (version number defined by the user), to guarantee that the user has the latest js/css library installed before opening the app.

So that when an issue is opened, it checks the version of the app and triggers a modal asking the user to update the app.

Answer by support team:

While this is something that has been brought up and discussed in the past internally, we never added it to the roadmap because the focus of our platform has mainly been to develop native features for interactivity. The level of effort to implement such features is very high so we would need to re-evaluate them.

Possible simple solution for sharing resources within issue:

  • Make checkbox in object panel "shared resources"
  • On issue mib creation: create shared folder, copy all vertical resources in there, ignore/replace those with the same file name

Or Better:

Stefan Yanku

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