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Streamline Uploading by eliminating the need to select an MIB type

The following suggestions stem from my frustration with the unnecessarily laborious process for uploading to the Mag+ website.

IDEA: Streamline uploading by eliminating the need to select MIB type. This step is cumbersome when dealing with large sets of monthly uploads, and a single selection error has the effect of greatly delaying the whole process since the website does not perform any type verification until its upload is complete. Rather than require a separate step for user selection of MIB type, and thus inviting user error, it makes much more sense for the website to auto-select MIB type when users simply click to upload. This type-recognition capability should not be difficult to program as it is already in use in the Mag+ Production Tool through which verticals are type-verified (see bottom right corner) and then converted to the appropriate MIB.

Your commitment will positively impact my satisfaction as a Mag+ client.

Mena Theodorou

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