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Improvements to Publish Website and Mag+ Production Tool

The following suggestions stem from my frustration with the unnecessarily laborious process for uploading to the Mag+ website.

The best & simplest solution would be the ability to upload PDFs directly to the Mag+ website, after which we could then select the formats we’d like them converted to. Considering this function is available with other companies, I don’t see why Mag+ cannot offer it.

Even as Mag+ works hopefully towards a more user-friendly platform with PDF-upload capability, there are small improvements that can be made to the existing process to render it immediately more usable.

1)      Enable quicker overall uploading by allowing more than one MIB upload at a time. I manage 50 magazines for which I must upload 150 files each month (for the Apple store alone), so my efficiency is directly correlated to the amount of time it takes to upload everything. Simultaneous/multiple uploading would drastically improve operations by cutting back on this downtime.

2)      Streamline uploading by eliminating the need to select MIB type. This step is cumbersome when dealing with large sets of monthly uploads, and a single selection error has the effect of greatly delaying the whole process since the website does not perform any type verification until its upload is complete. Rather than require a separate step for user selection of MIB type, and thus inviting user error, it makes much more sense for the website to auto-select MIB type when users simply click to upload. This type-recognition capability should not be difficult to program with simple html5 (possibly see: Also in use in the Mag+ Production Tool, verticals are type-verified (see bottom right corner) when compressing to the appropriate MIB. This should also have an error checking capability to stop Mag+ customers incorrectly compressing verticals.

3)      Within the Mag+ Production Tool include an option for default ordering of verticals by ascending ID, as the current default is to present verticals in a haphazard random order that must always be reordered by clicking the top right bar and ordering by ID. This needless extra task actually represents a huge waste of time, yet I believe there is a very easy fix!

Thank you, our commitment will positively impact my satisfaction as a Mag+ client.

Mena Theodorou

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