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Apple Subscription button availability


**I see the subscription button during the first (and not the second, third etc) issue download. 

**Ideally what I want:

**The subscription button is in a showed (in terms of show/hide) OR enabled (in terms of enable/disable) state only if I’m not entitled to see the issue. I’m not entitled, when a) I’m logged in thru API and API says I’m not entitled and b) I’m not logged in thru API at all (and the app does not know about the entitlement) and c) I don't have an active Apple subscription.

**What happens without this change?

**It does not make any sense for a subscription if I already am logged in thru API  and I have the entitlement (that means I have already payd for the service). And if I can only see it before I've fully downloaded the first issue, then this seems also a little bit odd.


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