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Why the video tutorials are so low volume ?

Almost all the video tutorials are so low on volume i don't know why.

Even in the new video "Mag+ Tutorial: advanced tips for the Reviewer" the volume is still low on volume i hope you can check that.


Keep the good work.

Have a good day.

Marcos Hernández

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Hello there Marcos,

The volume on our tutorial videos all start at half volume on purpose, but you can adjust this volume within the youtube video interface at the bottom left, next to the play button.


Mike Rettew 

Mag+ Support Team

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if that is the solution i wouldn't have asked it because i know how to do it.... check this videos 10 common errors and mistakes in Mag-plus and Webinar: Using audio & video with Mag-plus for IPad publishing, the volume is LOW i got to be in a close room to here it from my laptop or using my radio in aux mode and turn the volume almost to maximum, i'm asking this is for future releases not to bother around with you guys i know that there are more problems than this right now.

Marcos Hernández 0 votes