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Geolocation support

Is is possible to add a "build" option to allow  for Geolocation use within the app. 

By that I mean, it is of course possible include HTML5 or Javascript Geolocation type functions within blocks on verticals, to show your current location on a map fex. or to serve a geographically relevant piece of content like a local ad. But when you do this, the reader is confronted with a very long URL requesting permission for the app to use your location.

ie. As per this users query.

It would be good to have a solution to this, so we can use geolocation functions within the app in a more friendly way.

One option, my preferred one, could be to simply have it as a build option. ie. By ticking you allow/secure general permission for the app to access the users location, such as used by most mapping software etc.

The other option would be to make the "URL" string a little simpler, such as the "'App name' would like to use your current location" fex. The disadvantage of this is that you will get prompted each time you load that vertical. Hence my preference for the above solution. ie. Support for geolocation, if required, by having as a build option.




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