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**Custom Slideshow Transitions & Social Media Messages**

Two features I think Mag+ would benefit greatly from are as follows:


1.) Custom Slideshow Transitions

Currently Mag+ only supports slideshow transitions set to an overall parameter (e.g. 2 seconds) which effects every image within the slideshow.  This works fine when you simply want to set a slideshow, but if you want to be more creative this becomes very limiting. 

As we are trying to push the perception of digital magazines, being able to set custom times to each slide within the overall slideshow would benefit the designer with more creative avenues, such as being able to set up animated gif like sequences (currently this must be done using stop animation videos). This would bring the Mag+ tool more in line with video editing than just simple transitions allowing for a more engaging user experience.


2.) Custom Social Media Messages

Currently Mag+ supports building custom email sharing where the designer can populate the subject field and the body of an email with some simple commands in the Mag+ plugin.  This is great but unfortunately becomes limited when dealing with social media sharing.

And since the next generation of users spend most of their time online sharing content via social media platforms it would be very useful if the above action could be used to populate social media posts.  

This would also be an advantage not only to the designer but also to advertisers within the publication who could run competitions allowing users to share their content with a very specific message sent out to their target market.


Food for thought people and hopefully in the near future these simple actions can help to engage users within the publication and also outside of it, across many different media platforms.


Kind Regards,

Ross MacKay

Ross MacKay

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