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Image Sequence swipeable on/off checkbox

Hi guys

i am using the feature builder for an image sequence, which is auto played 1 time and should not played again.

I want the effect to build my vertical step by step.

but if the user swipes the image sequence will swipe too...

so it would be nice if you can add the feature "user swipeable" in the mag plus feature builder image sequence.

so the user won't change the sequence in case of the mistake he swipes the sequence.


it would be nice if you could add this feature.

Christoph Schmitt

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at first:  i am christoph  ;)  but thats not the point...


i know this feature…  BUT it won't work on android, so i have to create this with the feature builder  -.-

Christoph Schmitt 0 votes
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D'oh! Sorry, Christoph - very rude of me not to pay closer attention to the name.

Didn't realize you were doing this for Android, so yes, for now you have to use the feature builder or other HTML element. We'll talk to the devs about adding that feature. Also, the ID slideshows will be supported in Android with the next release, when we upgrade the whole Android codebase. Look for that in early February.  

Mike 0 votes
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