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Issue-update should be marked for existing users

We'd like to update an issue, but currently all existing users of the old issue can be informed about the update by push notification only. This means, that users who deactivated the receipt of those push notifications won't notice the update. They will use the old issue although there is an update available. Updates are quite senseless in these instances of course. Furthermore, those users who agreed to get push notifications will get the info, but they have to go to library in order to archive the old issue and push the read-button again. This is quite inconvenient for the user and we suppose many of them won't do it actively – certainly quite bad for us! It would be really helpful if the app-icon would be badged with the common small red number not only after an app-update but also after an issue-update. The existing users could update the issue automatically within the AppStore then. Every other solution to increase the awareness of an issue-update is highly appreciated!


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