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InDesign Plugin – Many Suggestions

All Mag+ panels:

– ToolTips are clipped by the bounds of their control's enclosing panel. Entire ToolTip should always be visible... if this is a limitation of InDesign, then adjust the width of ToolTip text via manual line breaks & display positioning.

Mag+ Vertical panel:

– The "Export to Additional Devices" button should always be visible, whether or not the "Additional Devices" section is expanded or hidden. The best placement for said button would be immediately to the right of the "Additional Devices" text, so that the right edge of the button is vertically aligned with the right edge of the "Export" button.

Mag+ Object panel:

– Should be able to select multiple objects and set *any* Mag+ field's value for all selected objects. (For example, changing the "Ref. Object ID" or "Zoom" for any number of selected  objects all at once.)

– Underscores cannot be seen in text fields. Each entire character should be visible; do not crop them!

– The entire "Zoom" drop-down menu should be visible, instead of only 5 of the 6 menu items being displayed. Currently, if 100% or 125% are selected, when the menu is opened the 800% option has to be scrolled to. Conversely, if 150% or a higher % are selected, the 100% option has to be scrolled to.

– The entire "Resample Image" drop-down menu should be visible as well. Currently only 5 of 6 menu items are displayed.

– When clicking the "Link" button with an InDesign object selected, the display zoom setting should not change. Currently, the page gets zoomed out. We developers don't like the display changing unless *we* tell InDesign to do so.

– When resizing a Clickable Area using InDesign CS5.5, the region becomes opaque which makes it harder to visually fine-tune the area it affects. I believe the region remains transparent when using InDesign CS6, not sure though.

– Hide Scroll Bar, Highlight Color, and Highlight Color Percentage have a generic "control name" ToolTip. (For example: "block.hideScrollBar.toolTip")

Mag+ Settings panel:

– Device Templates list box should grow taller if the panel has space to grow down into, like the Additional Devices list box on the Mag+ Vertical panel currently does.

– Would be really nice if the JPEG Quality setting could be numerically defined. Perhaps make an "Other" menu item, which when selected causes an "Exact Value" text field to appear beneath JPEG Quality. (Values from 1 to 100 should be allowed.)

Al Boulley

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Hey Al - 

Thanks for the feedback. We're actually hoping to do some revision on the plug-in UI for the next release this fall, so this is useful. I have to go through it with the plug-in devs, but most of it seems pretty do-able. 

Mike 0 votes
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