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Support for the "tel:" scheme

In my employer's print publications, there are often phone numbers for advertisers, businesses & individuals discussed in articles, etc. While we currently do not publish for iPhone, nor for the Android platform, just about all "smart" devices have support for Skype and VOIP apps.

I am unaware of Mag+ support for the "tel:" URL scheme on the iPhone (or Android-based phones) but I do know that even with Skype installed on an iPad, such links do nothing. In the digital publications we have produced for Apple's iBookstore, we use CSS media queries to expose "tel:" links that *do* work when the reader is using iBooks on an iPhone. If they are using an iPad, we instead expose a static phone number.

Is it possible, and furthermore feasable, for Mag+ to enable the "tel:" scheme in the Newsstand apps for iPad that are built via your Publish back-end? In such cases, these apps could request that Skype or a registered VOIP app (such as Google Voice) handle the phone number link. Of course it would be up to said third-party app to prompt the reader to "confirm" they would like to place the call.

My understanding might be wrong as to how the iPad apps mentioned operate. But I thought I'd suggest this feature since I'm suggesting everything I can think of today.

Thank you.

Al Boulley

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