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Production Tool 4.1 – A Few Suggestions

I must preface these suggestions by reiterating they are for the 4.1.x version of Production Tool. I have had some trouble with the new 4.2 version and have returned to using the previous version. Eventually I will force myself to reproduce the 4.2 troubles I ran into, and post about it.


– The "Compact Verticals" checkbox should save its state *per Issue*. Currently, each time the "Issue" is changed, or Production Tool is quit and relaunched, said checkbox becomes unchecked.


"List" tab panel:

– Resizing of the columns should actually work. Currently it is pretty messed up.

– Default width of the "Name" column should be much wider than the "ID" column

Al Boulley

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one very very useful enhancement... and this applies to both the 4.1 and 4.2 versions:

– Global search & replace within the "vertical.xml" files, including the ability to use literal strings OR regular expressions.

– If there are specific verticals selected, perform the search & replace only in those. If no verticals are selected, perform on ALL verticals.

– These search & replace definitions should be "saveable, exportable, and importable" so they can be easily reused and shared.

Al Boulley 0 votes

Hi Al  -

The columns are changed a bit in the 4.2 release - we removed some that aren't really useful. We'll look at resizing  for next release, as well as the saving compact verticals checkbox - you're not the first to ask for that one. 

On the second request there, can you give me an example of what you would use that for?

Mike 0 votes

Hello Mike!

Absolutely, here are two scenarios where it would help alot having GREP capability on all the "vertical.xml" files:

• Making changes to URLs (when a website's domain name changes, or they move pages around)

• Changing hotspots from Embedded to External (or vice-versa) based on matching specific URLs

Al Boulley 0 votes