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Activating & desactivating knockback option for different orientations


I'm working on a magazine where sometimes we are using both orientations but with different layouts. The problem is that there are options that we are using in the portrait orientation that we don't want when the user changes to the landscape orientation. For instance, If I set a 60% white knockback for the A-Layer on the portrait position, when the user turns the iPad to landscape position, he will see that 60% white transparency even if i haven't placed anything on the A-layer. Then, he would have to double tap to get rid of that transparency, but I don't want to tell the readers: "double tap to get rid of that weird transparency". 

The same happens with the scrolling... 

Is there a way to set different settings for each orientation??


Mario Alberto Avellaneda Alban

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Hi Mike... I've followed those instructions before and I'm not able to set unique settings per orientation since the knockback feautre is on the MAG+ Vertical window, and there is no option to set it either to one or another orientation...

Thank you

Mario Alberto Avellaneda Alban 0 votes
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