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Vertical scrolling/pan option

This trick/function does not work in 4.1, or maybe I missed something.

Tried doing a slideshow in Feature builder but the way I want for it to scroll vertically does  not work.


I cannot find that Pan option on on this tutorial -





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Hi Ed - 

Panning is a function that's been added in 4.1 - make sure you have the new 4.1 plug-in installed (if you click the little arrow in the top right corner and choose About This Plugin, you'll see the version number). If you are running 4.1, make sure you have the Objects panel selected, and then have a Block Object selected. The options in the Object panel change based on what you have selected on the layout.

The panning feature doesn't have anything to do with Feature Builder slideshows however. Those are going to be HTML slideshows; panning is a native function in ID for free scrolling content in a frame.

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